The latest charts include day, week and month views. The function to select between these view options is at the top of each chart. 

On the chart itself, tapping a specific data point will display the count for that minute/hour/day. You'll notice a green check mark with a dark green line on the step, sleep, calorie, distance and active minute charts - this represents the set goal for that activity measurement. Instructions on how to set goals can be viewed here


Daily/Hourly average and best day/hour stats are displayed below each chart. The sleep chart features a sleep summary below the day and hour charts, which displays total tracked sleep and the deep/light sleep and awakenings that make up the total. The day view of sleep charts allows you to view the start/stop times and duration of each sleep segment - awake being red, restless being light blue, and asleep being dark blue.

If you run into any issues with charts, try logging out and logging back into your account to refresh charts. The log out function is under user settings in the app menu. 

Note: charts are server based, meaning internet connection is required to load the most recent charts. When loading charts for the first time (after freshly installing the app and pairing your tracker for the first time) you may notice charts are slow to load - this is expected since charts are being generated via internet connection and can take time to load as your most current data is pulled from our servers. 

Still not working properly? Email us at and we'll help you troubleshoot.