The Striiv app received a makeover with the following released app versions:

  • Android - 1.0.1701p
  • iOS - 2.2.302

A few things have changed visually, with some added features as well. Home screen view changes are summarized here:

  1. Device settings now visible by tapping top banner displaying gear icon, battery percentage etc.
  2. Tapping the respective tile for each activity measurement will display the historical charts.
  3. Chat has been relocated to the upper right corner, and is displayed as a speech bubble.
  4. Tiles can be expanded or collapsed by tapping the arrow at the bottom right of each tile.
  5. More info regarding the journaling tiles for hydration, diet, weight and medication can be found here:


Location of sleep mode toggle has changed as well. It is now displayed within device settings, visible when the top device banner is tapped on the home screen.

That's all for now! If you have any questions regarding the new app layout, feel free to email us at