Before you read ahead, weather notifications must be purchased through the 'Activity Tracker Apps' (in-app purchases) tile on the Striiv app home screen. 

Weather notifications work just like a text message on your phone. A notification will show on your Walgreens Premium Activity Tracker displaying the high/low temperatures and precipitation forecast for the day. This notification is triggered automatically in the morning, after you log 200 steps on your Activity Tracker. 

Here's what needs to be set up in order for this notification to come through:

  • Background location services must be enabled for the Striiv app. 
    • To enable when using an iOS device: Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Striiv > Select 'While using the app'. 
    • To enable when using an Android device: Upon first installation of the Striiv app, you were asked to give location services permission to Striiv. If you declined this permission or you're not sure, you will need to delete and re-install the Striiv app to accept this permission. Deleting the Striiv app will not delete the data associated with your Striiv account. 
  • The 'Weather' setting (only visible if purchased via in-app purchases) must be turned on through the gray device banner at the top of the app home screen by tapping the gear icon on the banner.
  • The Striiv app must be running in the background of your phone. 

If you have any issues receiving weather notifications, email us at