This will be a running list (starting at 4.218) of basic release notes for the current version of the Walgreens Premium Activity Tracker firmware.


  • A slight tweak was applied to the activity tracking algorithm to improve accuracy. 


  • "Rotate to turn on" feature added, which allows the screen to turn on when bringing the device up to view time. EasyOn setting added in device settings to allow for toggling of this feature off or on based on preference. 
  • Screen dimmed slightly to increase overall battery performance.
  • Adaptive screen dimming based upon time of day - avoids bright screen at night.


  • General bug fixes, with a specific focus on fixing an issue with iOS notifications connection, providing a more reliable delivery of notifications.

  • Resolved an issue causing "slow-motion" screens on some users' devices

  • Resolved an issue where users' sleep charts displayed 1 hour off after Daylight Savings Time

  • Resolved an issue where some users would experience rapid battery drain 

  • The big change is that we tweaked the activity tracking algorithm a bit - we kept the extra sensitivity from 4.218, but we made our "cheat" step filter a little bit more aggressive, so you should see less extra steps from typing/washing dishes/hand movements.



  • New Activity Tracking Algorithm! This should register things like elliptical workouts/treadmill running more accurately!

  • Meeting reminder adjustments! If you have your phone set to alert you 10 minutes before a meeting, your Striiv will now as well!
  • Under-the-hood improvements and bug fixes (such as a fix for a rare issue where the screen could get "stuck" going into sleep mode.

  • Disconnection warning icon: if you see a Wifi signal with a ! in it, your phone has lost connection to your Striiv device!


That's it for now!