We get this question quite a bit, and we just wanted to give you an idea of what to expect out of your battery.

We've had users get up to 7+ days of battery life -- these users tend to not be using the smartwatch features, aren't sending any notifications to their device, and rarely sync to their phones.

As a general rule, the less your device vibrates or has the screen turned on, the longer your device will last.

If you have all of your apps notifying you on your device, as well as all of your texts and emails being sent to your device, this can have a pretty big impact on battery life (we get a LOT of emails, Facebook and Twitter alerts every day here at Striiv, and if we send all the alerts to a device, we can drain the battery in about a day and a half).


What we've found to be a reasonable expectation for battery life tends to be between two and a half to five days, depending on the number of texts and alerts you get. Also, remember -- when you see the Low Battery icon appear on your device, you can still have up to a full day of battery left, since we start to warn you when the battery hits 20%!

If you still find yourself with an unusually short battery life, try this: 

  1. Make sure your device has been synced to your phone, 
  2. On your device, do a Factory Reset (to the left of time/date go to Apps > Settings (gear icon) > Factory Reset?), and 
  3. Clean the gold charging contacts on the back of your device with a brush (e.g. old toothbrush) and some rubbing alcohol.

Note: The charging contacts should be a shiny gold in appearance. 

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