The Walgreens Premium Activity Tracker will not sync with a computer or online dashboard.

See our current list of supported devices hereIf your phone/tablet is not on our list, you may still be able to connect with the Walgreens Premium Activity Tracker using the Striiv Activity Tracker app if your phone/tablet meets all of the following three requirements: 

1. Our devices require BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy a.k.a Bluetooth 4.0) to connect to the app. BLE is only available in certain operating systems and phones. (Android users: the following app will allow you to confirm your phone/tablet possesses BLE -


2. iOS requires version 7.1 and higher (iPhone 4 excluded due to BLE requirement), Android requires version 4.3 and higher 


3. Your phone must have at least a 4-inch display, measured from the bottom left corner of the screen to the top right corner.


For help with the pairing process, reference the following linked videos: