You can track your sleep duration and quality using the Walgreens Activity Tracker. The Activity Tracker tracks three different levels of activity while you are sleeping: awake, restless and asleep.

'Restless' activity is measured by general body movement, such as turning over, adjusting your pillow, punching your partner in the side to stop the snoring, etc.

‘Asleep’ is when you are completely at rest, dreaming of sweet nothings.

‘Awake’ is when you get up to go to the bathroom, take the dog out for a walk, or suddenly develop a sleep walking habit.

Your Activity Tracker will continue to count steps while it is in Sleep mode, so you can be sure to get credit for those 25 steps to the bathroom each night.


To put your Activity Tracker in sleep mode there are two options:

1. From the app, double tap your Activity Tracker to sync with the app, then tap on the sleep mode bar at the top of the screen. See the toggle button next to the cute little moon? Tap the toggle button to start the clock.

Once you wake up, sync your device again (double tap) and tap the toggle button.

2. On the Activity Tracker, from the ‘apps’ screen (seen to the left of the time/date screen), tap on the moon icon. Then tap on the check mark to start sleep mode.

When you want to turn sleep mode off, double tap the device screen and you will see a sleep timer. Swipe to the right and select the crossed out moon icon to exit sleep tracking. Next time the Walgreens device is synced with the Striiv app via double tap, recorded sleep should display in the tile described below. 

To view recorded sleep, select the sleep tile (shows a moon) on the Striiv app home screen to view the weekly sleep charts. To change the date view to a daily view (and view in depth data), tap the calendar icon on the upper right and select your preferred view. For more information on how to read the daily sleep charts which display sleep quality data, reference the following article.