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iOS7 and Striiv Play

My Striiv Play is working, however, it is not transferring info. to 1) the Striiv app on my iphone and 2) my My Fitness Pal account.  I've reset my Play, and it didn't make a difference.  Thanks for any input.

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I'm having the same problem - when I updated my phone to ios 7 the app and Play stopped talking. I reported it several days ago - and they said they were working on it, but nothing has improved since then and I haven't seen a "Striiv" Play update. I'm ready to ditch the play for a fitbit.....I'll give them another few days, but this is dumb. They knew ios7 was coming -why not be prepared?

I did not sit down all day and only did 2000 steps.  IMPOSSIBLE.  what is going on?


Contacted them through the app. Apparently there is a bluetooth bug in iOS 7 they are working on with Apple to resolve. If you app is not syncing to your iPhone, I instructed to turn the iPhone off and reboot. It then works. Is this a good fix? Absolutely not, since I have to turn the phone off probably every other day to keep the app working but are they aware? Yes. I have been in contact with the development team as recent as this week.

I only have the app on my phone. Since my update on both phone and app I am having problems with it loading. It runs in the background all of the time and I pull it up to play/use it a lot during the day. Last night I pulled it up as usual, and it updated my steps the poof it was gone or closed. Tried again same problem. Then I turned my phone off for awhile. Then back on, Pulled it up and same thing. I tried opening it from the App Store, didn't work. Went to the web, no help there and I think my only option is to delete it, and start over. My concern is that I have a few friends I've met on Striiv and if I delete the app will it delete them as well? I'm not sure I could find them again. So... What can I do? Please help, one of them is waiting on me to pass the baton to me! Oh and Striiv won't let me urs my email to log on. Says its invalid.
I just bought the strive play and install the app and have been trying to get it to connect to MyFitnessPal for the last two weeks I've been instructed to do a couple of different things to make it work to no avail. This drive app says it's connected to MyFitnessPal but I've never seen it work even once. Am I having the same problem with iOS 7 the people three months ago did? Was anything ever resolved?
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I bought the Play and it didn't work. I bought another one and paired/synced but it only counts steps on the Play device and doesnt reflect the steps on my iPhone 5S.... so how do I do the challenges?  its not showing my steps on my phone?

Should I just return the play and use my iphone?  I like the app but it seems it doesn't work correctly.

And no real customer service. 

I wouldn't use the app on my phone, I did that and because it has to run continuously in the background your battery life takes a serious hit. 

Honestly, I recently sold my Play on ebay and bought a FitBit :) Much, much happier.

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