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Improved Knowledge Base

I'm more than a bit irked. All that I want to know is what the gems are used for, so I looked in the knowledge base and google. Google gives me a lot of review articles or profit maximizing techniques. Not helpful. And the knowledge base? The most useful-seeming links tell me where to go for more information. Excuse me, but aren't the FAQs supposed to be our primary information source?! All I'm asking for is something simple: a list of game contents with a description of their use. (Coins: buys items. Gems: buys X.) Which leads me to the video tutorials. I watched the one for MyLand, which seems to be the only applicable one for my question. It's not so bad when considering that I targets brand new users. BUT I'm not a brand new user. I've been playing since long before the gems were implimented, and their introduction seemed quite hasty with no way to backpedal for the info. (Nothing that I've seen anyways.) I checked tips and tricks, tried scrounging throughout the menu, etc. If you are going to provide a tutorial video, please include a transcript in the FAQs section. Do you have any idea of how annoying it is to sit through the only video that might give the needed info, only to know the contents already? I could have read the transcript far quicker.

Hi Rissa

  I really appreciate this suggestion. I would like your help in adding this exact sort of thing to our website. Could you (and anyone else that would like to help) let me know a list of questions that you would find useful to be on the FAQ page? 

Could I get the ball rolling?
Questions concerning Myland:
1. What do different animals do? The special animals, like certain faeries and dragons have their effect spelt out in the Myland shop, but what about animals which come with plants/buildings, or the ones which you get for completing quests? What do they add to the game or are they purely cosmetic?
2. Upgrade tree for each plant and building, including information about cost to upgrade in both energy and coins, as well as earning power in both coins and gems, so players can plan further ahead when deciding what to build next.
3. Number of slots taken by each building - kind of obvious, but would be nice to know for sure.
This is all I can think of for now, thanks Striiv Team for a great way to work out!


1. What are gold/gems and what are they used for? 2. Every video tutorial topic. I like all of Cheng He's, too.
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