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UPDATE: Walgreen's Activity Tracker Not Syncing - Striiv REVOKED Access to Walgreen's

I had a Lengthy talk VIA phone after all the E-mail back AND forth w/Walgreen's and got a Representative to tell me that STRIIV - YES STRIIV - revoked access to Walgreen's which is why our Trackers do NOT sync - IT WAS STRIIV and they feel that STRIIV will probably NOT let Walgreen's regain access - SO essentially your WALGREEN'S TRACKERS are USELESS if you use them as you have been - and the STRIIV app is useless again if you are trying to KEEP TRACK of Miles  - because as most have you have noted - The Miles don't stay from day to day so you can NOT see your progress.

The only way to get Walagreen's points as you know is to log onto - Choose an Activity and MANUALLY log your daily Activity Progress.  The only OTHER way to do it automatically is to download another APP that you use ON YOUR PHONE not YOUR WRIST - and sync that app to your Walgreen's account and have you phone with you at all times to log your steps.  THIS is not what most of us bought trackers for. Especially if you hike or run - a Wearable is MUCH MUCH Better- BUT that is the story.

SO STRIIV as I hope you will and are reading this  DO SOMETHING!! - This is UNACCEPTABLE for MOST OF US!

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How can I export my activity from the tracker to send it / enter it  at walgreens? 

If it is a Walgreen's Tracker - You can't as I just stated above. The ONLY way to do it is to NOT use a Wearable - but use an App like Google Fit etc. (A full list is ion the Walgreen's site) AGAIN - because STRIIV REVOKED ACCESS to Walgreen's on their app - we are no longer able to sync our apps and link to Walgreen's so we can do the challenges automatically without having to login in and input manually everyday. So essentially the App is just for you to see what you've done everyday and keep track  - EXCEPT for the miles which we all now know only logs on the day you sync you can't go back and see what you have done as it won't do that anymore - AGAIN - if you want to change this  - Contact Striiv and Make your wished VEHEMENTLY known - as they revoked access to Walgreen's on their App.

Bobbi, I believe Walgreens is doing a "pass the buck" exercise here because I have correspondence from Striiv personnel indicating that Walgreens allowed an authorization token to expire and has not asked Striiv to reactivate it. That's why we're having all of these connection problems now. The problem is not with Striiv, but with the programmers at Walgreens. Please see attached file. When Walgreens opted to discontinue selling the Walgreens Activity Tracker, we should have known something was horribly wrong. Since the last Walgreens update, no device seems to connect to earn Balance Rewards for physical activity. So sad and disappointing. We should be angry at Walgreens, not at Striiv.

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