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Sleep tracking no longer working

Hey all, I was curious as to how many people this is affecting. My Fusion Bio 2 will no longer track sleep or should I say will not display my sleep data in the app. I'm not sure which is the issue. After emailing support they told me that problem is in the app and developers are aware and working on it. I find it hard to believe that nobody is able to track their sleep. I also find it hard to believe that they just released a new device that isn't going to be able to display sleep data when its one of the main features of their advertisements.

Hello, so I used to use my Striiv every day and night most especially to track my sleep. Then I lost the charger for months and finally found it and started wearing it again. Now when I track my sleep it all just says uncategorized instead of wakeful, awake blah blah blah. Please help
I noticed this too...mine is no longer recording sleep either...its very frustrating...esp since i gave one to my mom mainly for that reason
I’ve been going back and fourth with their support team waiting for them to fix the app. I got an email Thursday that the app was updated and the issue resolved. I followed the instructions to unpair and reset my tracker and all that mess and guess what. NO SLEEEP DATA! Their support is pretty good but it seems they may need some better app developers and a better QA department it doesn’t seem like the sleep feature was tested. Now they are trying to get me to buy an apex at a discount. I don’t think I can bring myself to giving them anymore money. After buying multiple trackers and having these types of issues they should just give me a new tracker. Even if it’s the same as I already have.
I just received my Fusion Bio 2, charged it and and trying to figure out how to set it to monitor my sleep. I see there has been an ongoing conversation about this, and want to know how long this is going to take to resolve so I can determine if I will keep or return it. Also am looking for a way to attach it to IHealth on my iPhone. Can you assist??
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