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Every time you update your app, I lose my steps for the previous week

I mean, I know I did the steps, but it's still frustrating to lose credit for what I did the previous week.  This happened just last night.  The tracker on my wrist said 11,500 steps, but when I went to the app to sync, I had to re-log in (not a good sign) because apparently you had updated the app.  All my steps from yesterday and the last week or so are gone. Wiped out clean. You have retained the steps I did in December, but all my January steps are gone.  

You also changed my daily goal. I'm trying to do over 10,000 steps, but my tracker has gone back to your 6,000 default. I hope I am able to change this on my own.  

Whenever you do these things to us, I feel helpless.  

You app still has many flaws.  

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I am having this same exact frustrating
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