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I cannot get notification's on my striiv fusion 2

I cannot get notification's on my striiv fusion 2  

I am using an iphone 5 c  with ios11.1

it is connect to blue tooth and it's working .

everything is turned on in notification's with my phone .

But when i try to click on the speaker icon which i presume is the notification's button.

I click on and the speaker Icon still has an x through it. 

I've read everything posted and watch the videos. But it seems as thou many are having this same problem without a real answer.. 

         Thank you and any help would be appreciated .


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Hi Fred,

More info on Do Not Disturb mode (the speaker icon) can be found here:

It appears you're actively connected and syncing with the app, so make sure Do Not Disturb mode is off. If that doesn't clear it up, drop us a line at for further assistance.

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