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Does your fusion 2 reconnect automatically

Question to other fusion 2 users - if you go away from your phone, does your fusion 2 auto-reconnect with your app when you return? I bought the striiv fusion 2 two weeks ago and i love it, except for one major pain point. My tracker disconnects from the app everytime I leave the room without taking my phone with me, and it does not reconnect automatically when i come back to my desk , so my notifications stop coming through. Yes, i do see the exclamation-wifi sign on the tracker when it's disconnected, and then I do go through the Wake phone-open striiv app-double tap tracker cycle, but it's annoying, and it depends on me noticing I'm disconnected in the first place. I feel like I shouldn't have to do this, many other btooth devices seamlessly reconnect when they're back in range. I've taken this up with customer care, and they say that it's my phone that's the problem. I'm using a sony Z5 which is an awesome phone and I've owned a Fitbit that didn't have this problem with the same phone. Please weigh in - do you have\not have this problem? Please post which phone and os version you use also.
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The latest app and firmware update fixed this on my z5. Case closed!
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