Smart pedometer Sync Software no longer supported

Hi Striivers, 


We are aware of an issue with the servers that support the Smart Sync software, which will prevent you from syncing our first activity tracker - the Smart. While we recognize the Smart's contribution to the evolution of Striiv's current line of activity trackers, the decision was made several months back to end online support for the Smart and decommission the servers which support the Sync software.


All of this being said, the main function of the Sync software was to back up tracked activity - the Smart does store this information internally as well, and allows activity history to be viewed on the device itself. The Smart is being treated as a standalone pedometer. Donations through Global Giving are no longer supported - our partnership with Global Giving has ended. 


The Smart is still covered under warranty - for devices purchased new, we provide a one year limited warranty, and for refurbished devices, we provide a 90 day limited warranty. More info on warranty terms here:


Rest assured, we are here to help answer questions and facilitate warranty replacements pertaining to hardware issues. Feel free to reach out via email (, support portal (, or in-app feedback.

Well, this is a HUGE disappointment. Those donations were such motivators!  I had not synched for quite awhile and have 93 waiting to sync. I have been having trouble synching so I decided to check the help pages and saw your post.   The Smart is a great little pedometer that is tons of fun and easy to use without a computer. I gave at least 12 as gifts over the years.  It is extremely accurate, unlike the wrist bands that count as a steps all wrist movements.

And there is also a USB plug in the box. Put it in the computer and nothing. What is it for? Then I have a error message on the app on my phone. Why am I getting that?
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