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Please make Striiv app compat with other devices - even for a price!

 This past week or so I've been trying out different trackers.  I've tried:

- Strive Fusion Bio 2

- Fitbit Charge 2

- Garmin Vivosmart HR

My only use is to track heart rate, sleep, steps.

The heart rate 'graphs' on the Fitbit and Garmin Connect apps is *terrible*.  The plotting it puts on the graph is far too much, resulting in a super squiggly line with tons of high and low points all over - impossible to read.

The Garmin app is also too cluttered.  There's too many menu items I never use and no way to remove them.

For the tracker itself I wanted one with a regular wristwatch clasp band, and one that is waterproof, and small enough not to bother me when sleeping.  The Garmin Vivosmart HR and Striiv Fusion Bio 2 are about the same size, but the Striiv unit is not waterproof, has already popped out of the band unintentionally, and I'm not big on way the band itself works.

So...  I like the Garmin Vivosmart tracker, but hate the Garmin app.  I like the simplicity and easy-to-read layout of the Striiv app the best, but am not big on the tracker itself.

Could Striiv PLEASE make their app compatible with other trackers, then sell it in the Google Play Store ?  I WOULD PAY for the Striiv app by itself if it worked with the Vivosmart tracker!

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Hi Marc! I'm happy to hear that you prefer the Striiv app! We think it's pretty great, too!

Unfortunately, making it compatible with our competitors' devices is not likely to happen. Besides the fact that we want you to use the Striiv family of trackers, it would also require gaining access to lots of proprietary information for each brand, which I'm pretty sure those companies would not be cool with. ;)

We do appreciate your feedback about what you like and don't like, though! We're always interested in what our users have to say about our products, since it helps us move forward with features and functions in future updates and products!

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