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I've choosen the Striive Fusion Bio 2 over the Fitbit Charge 2 !

This is the msg I just posted in the Fitibit forums...  I thought I'd post it here as well:

A week ago I bought my first tracker: a Striiv Fusion Bio 2.

I didn't like the tracker/wristband. It wasn't your regular "wristwatch/clasp" style band and was a pain to get it on.  Also, the tracker had a tendency to actually pop out the TOP of the rubber band.  I was at work washing my hands and the way I bent my wrist actually popped the tracker out of the wristeband - almost into the sink of running water which could have ruined it. Seemed like I'd lose it quick.


So after much research and youtube vid watching, I decided to go with the Fitbit Charge 2.  It had a typical wristwatch type band.  All is good.  Until I see it requires a proprietary charger. The Striiv Fusion Bio 2 uses any micro USB cord.  The Charge 2 requires this special tong charger that grips on to the sides of the tracker.  So unless I carry that with me, my battery stays dead.  With the Striiv, one can much more easily find someone with a micro-USB cable (I even have a microUSB charger in my truck because I use it for other devices like my phone).


But I *do* like the ability to add/remove what it displays on the tracker, instead of having to scroll through results I'm not interested in following.  That's a plus for the Charge 2 app.


But after dealing with the Fitbit app - AACK!  What a mess.  There's no real graphing done with the heart rate - it's just a crazy line of  drastic ups and downs with no real chart: there's no times at the bottom.

Same goes with the sleep display in the app. Fitbit shows when you were asleep, along with periods of restlessness and awake, but shows no correlation to times at the bottom aside from a very broad start-sleep/end-sleep time.


So to my ABSOLUTE ASTONISHMENT... I'm returning the Charge 2.

I absolutely expected to be returning the Striiv when I was coming home with my newly-purchased Charge 2.  But after a couple days of viewing the results in the app, I *much* prefer the Striiv app over the Fitibit app.


This really sucks because I prefer the Charge 2 tracker over the Striiv tracker (aside from the way it is charged).  If there was only a way to use my Fitbit Charge 2 tracker with the Striiv app  Smiley Happy  Or if Striiv would just make a better wristband of the usual wristwatch type!

So, as I type this, I've taken the Striiv Fusion Bio 2 back out of the box that I was going to return it in today, and am re-charging it so I can get it back on my wrist, and I'll be removing the Charge 2 that is currently on my wrist, and be returning that instead.

What a change of events!  'TOTALLY expected to be returning the Striiv after I bought the Charge 2.  After using the Fitbit app, I'm actually returning the Charge 2. 


Heart rate and sleep screenshots of the Fitbit and Striiv apps below :

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