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Heart rate stats not updating

 I got m Fusion Bio 2 yesterday.  It's shown updated heart stats in the app on the graph up UNTIL just after 8am today.  It's currently 2:17pm and the last dots on the graph were from just after 8 this morning.

Why is it not sending heart rate data to the graph anymore?  It's showing my live heart rate on the app fine.  It just seemed to have stopped graphing it.

It just updated.  It's showing up to 1pm, but it's currently 3:20pm. 

Is this normal?  Is there any way to force it to get up-to-current stats?


Also - every time after I do a short workout and get my heart rate up to about 120bpm, then cool down, my oximeter and blood pressure monitor will show my pulse at say 60 or 65pbm, but the Striiv Bio 2 still shows it at like 118.  It takes quite a while for the Bio 2 to see that my heart is beating at like 1 beat per second, and still shows it as being about twice that much.


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