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Friends but no gems

I've added friends but still have no gems?? Anyone know how I can fix this? Ps feel free to add me.
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I did a support ticket and their reply is that ""gems for friends" function has been disabled for the moment - we're willing to honor the gems you would have received while under the assumption that the function was still in place. I've just credited your account 3,600 gems. We are aware the "gems for friends" function is still advertised within the game, and will adjust that accordingly should this function not return. ".  They did give me the gems for the 3 friends I had when I sent it the ticket, but not the one I got in the meantime.  

They went on to say a bunch of stuff about the fact they are looking into MyLand as a whole and how it fits now and if it fits now with the new trackers.  I will be very sad if it goes.  Probably look at another tracker, one that is waterproof as I would like one I can use kayaking.  MyLand is what drew me to Striiv.  

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