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A few more requests

My wife and I do enjoy our Fusion Bio 2 as it's elegant and easy to use. Here's a few things I think would make it greater: Triple-taps to keep it on/off as sometimes I want to monitor my HR a bit longer than 5 sec. The off setting would also be great when I am playing guitar and the watch constantly lit up as I wear it on my right arm. Keep notification displayed until read. I mean, it does not go back to the time display when turning off after 5 sec. Often, I don't have time to see the notification right away and i have to dig in the menus or look on my iPhone to see what happened. Since this is winter here, the watch is covered my glove and by the time I push away the glove, it's already too late to see... A timer, countdown timer would be nice. Great for tea time. Weather notification is a bit annoying. I would prefer an option to replace date/time with weather forecast or better, a second menu to th left/right displaying the weather forecast. Maybe show notifications on two lines instead of a long scrollable line. As an option... That's all for now. Have a great day!

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