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Do Not Disturb Feature

It would be nice if I could setup a time frame where notifications do not buzz on my device just like iPhones have.  I would never remember to turn on and off my text message notifications every night and morning but am getting tired of being buzzed at night after I have gone to sleep.

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I would love this feature.

Hi Gail and Ray, turning on sleep mode will disable notifications display. The sleep tracking function is accessible on the tracker itself using the moon icon within the Apps screens. Alternatively, tapping Tracker Settings within the app menu will display a sleep mode toggle button at the top. Send an email to if you have any questions about this. 

Thanks for your feedback Neil but that isn't quite what I was asking for.  If I have to turn on and off the sleep function every night I might as well just turn notifications on and off each night.  I was requesting a feature where you setup the hours that you do not want notifications to come through.  It would be in the user settings section.  You would set it up just the once and never have to deal with it again.  Set it and forget it!!  Just like with an iPhone.  Plus, I don't want my battery wearing down during the night as the system tries to track every time I move my arm.  Thanks very much.

Hi Gail, I've added that to our feature request log, which we revisit during feature development. Depending on how much interest we see, a feature on the list could be pulled for development. Thanks for sharing your interest!

I saw on the last update that a do not disturb feature was added to the Fusion 2. Will this be considered for the Fusion or is it now considered old technology and won't get new features.
Would appreciate this feature as well or something like it.

Hi Gail,

There are no plans to add the do not disturb feature to the Fusion at this time. I'll note in our Feature Request Log that there is interest in bringing it to the Fusion, and we'll definitely let you know if anything changes.



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