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Samsung s7 isnt a supported device

Is there any chance the Samsung s7 becomes a supported device in the future?

You've tried it and it doesn't work ... or, you're concerned that it's not explicitly listed as being supported?

If it's the former, you might want to open a ticket and describe exactly what trouble you're having.  There may or may not be a solution for you, but that's the road to take.

If it's the latter, I'd say give it a shot.  The Android compatibility list is very short.  Much shorter than the number of Android devices that will actually work.  Anything that has true Bluetooth 4.0 support (including Low-Energy ... because otherwise the constant communication with your Striiv device will drain the battery like no tomorrow) has a pretty fair shot of working.  And the S7 falls into that category.  Indeed, I'd venture to guess that the S7 made it's debut since the last time the compatibility list was updated ... which would automatically preclude it from being listed, regardless of it's compatibility status.

I've tested both a Touch and a Fusion with no problems whatsoever using a couple of different no-name Android phones (MaxWest, Digital2), and also had success with a variety of tablets (Asus, Dell, HP & NuVision).  And none of these appear on the Android compatibility list, either.


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Thanks! What it was at first, was the app is a little different than the "apple" version. In that version all you needed to do was turn on "messages" under which notification you wanted and my bio would notify me when I got a text. With the android version, you have to turn on messages AND go into APP notifications and turn on messages in that also. The apple version didn't need this. Now it's working better, although still not as strong a connection as it was with my iphone
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