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More Support In Numbers

Hello All Just beginning to start on my goal to loose 40lbs by my 57th birthday. Yeah..getting up However, want to age with grace, and one of the needs for me is too loose the extra pounds. Why? I have diabetes..and it's because of the weight that I do.. So if there is anyone out there who want to travel along with me as I real my goal. Let's have fun doing this together. :) ...

way to go. I know it's a battle to keep up working and exercising with the pain of of fybromyalgia.   I commend you on your efforts.  I have been using my band,  and Im amazed  by the steps and the calories burn.   I never knew until much walking I was really doing.  I've lost 4 lbs in the pass 2 weeks.  Hoping to loose more with time.  Not rushing.. just cutting back on what I eat.  Trying to make healthy 

choices.  Easier said than done,  at times,...hang in there... blessings... Verzet

From Texas, USA. Beginning to pickup my pace. I have Fybromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue but I'm working of exercising past my normal limits. Constantly working and using my band so I hope I'd make a great addition to your friends. Please add Jessica Marie Nava, Thanks & Striiv ON!!!
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