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App didn't register last night's sleep

This morning, my fusion bio did track my sleep, I turned off sleep mode and saw my total sleep. However, my phone striiv app shows 0 sleep for last night. I tried restarting the app and it still shows 0 for last night. I did update the bio yesterday morning after walking up (there was a software update notification in my striiv app) but it worked normally all day. Might there be a bug in the update? I really like to see my sleep quality graphs, so I want to have it work.

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I have a fusion and for the last three night it will not show my sleep on my app but on my fusion it shows toatl of sleep, what am i doing wrong that it wont show on my app

Actually it's not registering sleep at all. I tried putting it into sleep mode both from the bio and from the app, left it in sleep mode for more than a minute and then turned it off and checked the graph. Still registers 0h0m.
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