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striiv touch on my ankle

Can the striiv touch be worn in a pocket or on my ankle? I did 2.7 miles on the treadmill today and have only registered 2.0 for the entire day. I have been wearing the touch on my wrist all day however when on the treadmill I have to hold the bar sometimes as the belt occasionally slips. I have been searching and searching for the above question but Cannot find an answer

I have the same issue on my elipitical, dosen't register steps even using the handles for working your arms at the same time.

I put it on my ankle yesterday and did 2.30 miles and it registered 1.7 so it was a little closer but with todays technology I would expect better results. I haven't seen any response to my question from somebody representing Striiv as of yet either.

Do you still have that issue?

Have you tried opening a ticket?.

(click on "+ Support Ticket" on top of page to create one)

You should get a response fairly quickly - within 24-48 hours if I remember well.

I know that my Fusion Bio does not register steps accurately for any activities other than continuous walking of running (info found in the application).

I have two Striiv lites. At the same time, I wore one on my wrist and the other on my ankle. I got ~12000 from the one on my wrist and ~9500 from the other which is about 22% lower.

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