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Metal Allergy - Striiv Fusion Bio

I'ld like to change my Striiv Fusion Lite to a Fusion Bio but I would like to know the composition of the two metal parts under the tracker and on the bracelet (blue circle), due to metal allergy... 

Thank you for your replies. I will not change my Fusion Lite to the Fusion Bio. I don't want any allergic reaction! 

I love my fusion bio except for I have had a huge allergic reaction to it. Best buy won't let me return it so I'm kinda stuck with it but I'm ok with that. I do have to switch what wrist I wear it about every week and a half. I have always had a problem with metals so it is my fault for not doing myhomework.

I'm not sure what the metal is, but after two weeks I've already had a major skin reaction where the two metal parts touch the skin (nothing with the clasp on the bracelet though), and I'm not even allergic to any metals. I would hold off until the company gets back to you concerning the materials... I love the tracker and style of the band but can't wear it now- 100$ down the drain.
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