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Fusion Lite?

Went to Bestbuy today and got the Fusion Light for 40 bucks on sale.  Normally 60 bucks.  I have the original band (not fusion) also from bestbuy for 33 bucks.  

Not working so good anymore.  I have to pair and unpair it every time I want to connect.  I am using a Samsung Galaxy S4.  My friend got a better phone and so he sole he his S4 for cheap.  It has 4.4.4 kitkat.  Works great.  The phone and this band.

Even the FITBIT HR for 138 at costco my 12 year old nephew bought today is messed up.  Won't sync at all and disappeared from my phone and had to reset it up.  Only synces if you plug it in.  So I am not a fan.

But was pleased to try this today.  The Fusion Lite is so much better.  Battery was 98 percent out of the box.  But quickly drained after few uses.  But after charging it back to 100% its all good now and last a long time.  Well longet than before.  Not draining so fast.

So I am pleased.  But few questions.    What are all the icons I can;t find it in the manual or online.  First tap is time and date.  Then is steps taken witht he picture of the foot on the left..  Then after that the picture of the road is probably miles walked.  The next is the pic of the fire is probably calories burnt.  Then as you keep swiping to the right next is picture of a circle with a letter L inside of it.  What is the L for?  

Next issues is the apps.  Seems notifications seems to only hold one call at a time and disappears after a few minutes.  Not a big deal.    At least it vibrates when you get a call.  

One thing might be nice if it rigns instead of vibrates because especially at the airport or noisy places you might not hear it vibrate.  Or can you make it ring instead of vibrate?

And also it paired and synces in the app on my android.  But it bluetooth settings there is no band listed.  My old band at least had a string of letters and numbers.  Nothing on the Fusion Lite.  And it works for some odd reason.  But nothing listed in bluetooth.

And one more thing.

Goto that link and click "View More Features" close to the bottom of the page.  It says no music control.  That is fine I don't need it.  But mine has it how odd.  Its in the apps.  I have 6 icons.  1 is for music.  But anyhow it does not control the music.  It is connected because it says how many steps I am taking.  But the mucis does nothing.  It does not pause or fast forward or rewind.  Why is the music icon there if it does not work?  More importantly why does the link say it does not exist if it infact does?

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