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fusion bio heart rate data

 Regarding the fusion bio and the heart rate monitor, here's what I've been told:

"The heart rate monitor tracks your resting heart rate in the background, so while you only see one number for the day, that is a composite of several readings throughout the day. The Fusion Bio will only take these readings after you've been still for a certain amount of time. You can take your heart rate on demand by turning on the screen, swiping right to Apps, then selecting the Heart icon. You'll need to stay still while it takes a reading. You'll then receive a reading on your tracker. This number is not recorded, it is just for your information. The resting heart rate reading recorded in the app is not able to be taken on demand."

HOWEVER - I would argue that a composite of my resting heart rate over the day drowns the highs that I'd like to see after a workout - in fact I'm not sure what that composite you are showing per day really represents (an average?). So why not -at least- allow me to see the min and max readings over the day? Even better, let me see those resting measurements over the day in the same style as the daily (not weekly) sleep pattern graph. (may I suggest this as an improvement request)?

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Hi Edmond, thanks for your feedback! This is exactly the kind of suggestions we like to see to help steer feature development in the right direction. We do have every intention of expanding heart rate tracking capabilities within the app. 

In regards to tracking resting heart rate in the background, and then averaging those readings into one daily data point or composite - this essentially acts as a point of reference for your resting heart rate throughout the day. The automatic heart rate readings taking in the background can only be taken after you've been sitting still for an extended period of time, which should give a fairly accurate reading of your daily average resting heart rate. 

Your request for daily view of heart rate readings has been added to our feature request log. Thanks again for sharing your interest in this!

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I agree with wanting to see the actual automatic measurements. Times and numbers that are going into the average. Whenever I take my heart rate manually, it is high, but my daily average is good. I like tracking heart rate because I take medication that can increase heart rate, so I want to know when it is higher/lower so I know if it is a function of meds.
Hi, I just bought the Striiv bio and must admit im a bit disappointed refarding the heart rate function. I agree with the comment sambuco made with regards to showing more heart rate details (during activities, view per time of day, min max, etc...). I am happy to see Striiv support will take this into account in future releases. :)
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