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Windows App

Any ETA on when the Windows phone app will be released for the Fusion Lite? Would give one to my son for Christmas, but it's useless without the app.  Thx.

Hi Cory,

It might be causing issues. Go ahead and deregister the device from the S4 (in the app, tap the Device tile > Deregister device). This will bring the four-digit pairing code back on the screen and you should be able to pair it.

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Hi Cory,

Yes, you should be able to do it with just a factory reset. Give it a try without the charging cradle, but you will probably need to be plugged in and charging to get through the pairing process.

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Hi Windows phone users,

The Striiv Windows Mobile app is now available for Windows 8.1! To find it, please search for Striiv in the Windows App Store.

Happy Striiving!

I've searched the store and it is not coming up... can you provide a link to the app in the store?


First, please make sure you're running Windows 8.1. The app will only work with that OS version. 

If you're not able to find the Striiv app in the Windows app store on your Windows phone, please try this link:

 Oh, that's no good as I am using Windows Phone 10, I only bought it today and it is advertised on the packaging as working for Windows Phone, I will need to take it back for a refund as it is useless without being able to activate it.  How disappointing.

I have downloaded the app. But I cannot pair with my Fusion Bio. I previously paired it with my girlfriends Samsung Galaxy S4. Would this cause issues? Also, I'm using the BT code from the settings> Info menu option on the tracker.
Thanks for the quick reply! I would like to do this, however my girlfriend has moved away and I cannot follow the instructions you have provided. If I factory reset my tracker, would it work the same way? I also do not have my charging cradle with me at the moment, and it is at 65% battery. Would this affect the process as well?
Thanks again!! I'll give it a shot! I really appreciate the effort behind getting the Windows app up and running! I got my tracker for Christmas and haven't been able to use it very much because I didn't have a compatible device. So, thanks again! Here's to hoping it will sync!! Haha!

I gave my wife a Fusion Bio for Christmas. I chose your product because it was advertised as being  windows compatible.

It did not pair after the factory reset. I'll try to pair of while plugged in tomorrow and get back to you then! Thanks again!

I used striiv on Windows 8.1, after updating on Windows Phone 10 striiv connects to phone, but there are no notices.

Whether you work on Phone 10 Windows application? Maybe it is worth writing to Microsoft for approval acceleration?

I don't want to refuse your good device :(

I need help I just bought the Striiv Fusion and I have a windows phone with windows 8.1 and I can not get to to pair with the Striiv Fusion .Help needed please

Hi Douglas -- the Windows app is just awaiting approval via Microsoft's review process. It should be soon!

I have tried pairing with my windows phone with no success, even after restarting both my phone and tracker multiple times.
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