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Striiv Data Logging

 I would like to know how the average is calculated on my Smart.  I sometimes exceed the average and at midnight it might come out less than the previous day.  Is it a rolling average and if so, what is the term length?

I wasn't intending to create a lot of work for someone.  I just wondered how the Smart calculates the average because when I tried to get it higher by doing more, sometimes it would go the opposite way from what I expected.  I figured that if if it was a rolling average, say 60 days, that a large number may fall off the back end, offsetting a good result on the day just finished.

If it was an all-time average, would it not go up on a given day if I exceed my average steps by more than the number of days elapsed since the beginning?


I've gone ahead and created a support ticket for you and our Smart expert will be looking into this for you. She should be in touch soon!

Here is my device ID:  B464493461722
November 4 average said 7303, and I did 7638 steps, and at midnight my average went down 3 steps from 7303 to7300.  I would have expected it to go up slightly, about one step.
This is a refurbished device provided under warranty a year ago.
Not a big deal, but curious.

The average on the Smart should be pulling data from the beginning of time, though it does leave out any days that are under a certain threshold -- I don't have the exact number of that threshold, but it's an extremely low number, one that indicates the user didn't move at all that day. 

Drop us an email at with your device ID and we can take a look at your logs.

 Here are the instructions on how to get the device ID from your Striiv Smart pedometer:

  1. Turn on the Smart Pedometer
  2. Go to "Settings"
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the first tab and select "Striiv Version"
  4. Send me the value after the "ID" field - it will be on the second line from the bottom, above PID.
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