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Touch band redesign

I find it painful to reapply the Touch device with the current band design. The pins dig into my skin and it is difficult to line up both pins so they will fit into the holes. Is there any consideration of a band redesign that doesn't require a coordinated contortionist to successfully attach the band in a reasonable amount of time? I've recently resorted to placing a metal nail file between my skin and the band to provide a more stable and rigid surface than my arm. It is allowing me to be minimally more soccessful and I fear I'll pith myself with my solution. Thanks for considering my suggestion, Susan

I have the same issues and it does not take much to unlatch it if something hits the band.  There have been a number of time that it has unlatch and dropped to the ground. Some times I don't even knew it came off till I look at my wrist and had to backtrack to find it on the ground.  I have had mine since it came out.  I use to have the play before that.


Hi Richard -- drop us a line at and we should be able to help you keep the wristband more securely around your wrist!

Hi Susan - stay tuned on this one. The Touch is built into the band, but for future devices, we're looking at a few different band designs!

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