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Looking for Striiv friends? Look here!

Do you need a little healthy competition to keep moving? You're in the right place. Let others know you're in the market for some Striiv friends here, and you can add each other as friends in the Striiv app. 

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Feel free to add me. Be sure to select the profile with me wearing the black Estes Park Shirt and not the profile with my picture when I was like 2 months old. :)

Add Lynn White please.... I found the charger.
You can push me, let's do it!!


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I add all u guys please keep coming

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I'm new to this and I sure can use some friends. Please friend me.

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Would love some friends!!

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Heather, your name is too common for a friend search, but I'll accept a request from you. Just put Kathi P into the "search for friends" space & make the request.
I need friends! Angelica smith

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Well, I have the Striiv Smart and as near as I can tell, the only way I can add friends is if they also have a Smart and are within a short distance....still trying to figure it out, though!

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Looking for friends in the Maryland area.

Add me as well Been using Striiv Play for a year, on 2nd device since 1 died. I get frustrated when it does not reset to zero and somedays doesn't sync & I lose the whole days miles.

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Please add me also been a striiv user for a few years now

Friends welcome-I'm not a marathon runner, but I like to meet my goals :)
Sorry, I just posted, but I now realize you need more than B for my last name-try Diane Bailey. Thanks
Cheryl White, Kathi P- I use the Walgreen's activity band too. Need motivation to get back to my walking program!
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