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Where did the third party apps go?

Can I still connect w My Fitness Pal?

Is there a list of compatible apps somewhere? And have they started working yet? 

Hi, I would like to add that I am also awaiting the update that will fix this problem!

Has this been resolved! I've been searching for a solution for hours now and just found this recent thread! I think I'm going to buy a fitbit.... this is frustrating!

Our apologies for the delay. With the holiday app and device updates behind us, we can now direct our attention to pending issues like third party app linking. Happy Holidays!

Hopefully you can get this fixed soon, very frustrating not being able to connect with MFP.   Please le me know when it has been remedied.

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Unbelievable, just bought this instead of a fitbit and the whole reason i bought it is broken and apparently has been for months..Back to Best Buy I guess.

Hi Kathryn, not quite yet. We're continuing to work on the linking issues, but as I'm sure you can understand the holiday season is a busy time of year. We're working hard to get everything ready for the holidays, with bug fixes for this issue and other major concerns to be released soon! Apologies for the inconvenience. Happy Holidays!

Hello, I recently bought a Striiv and while I love the product, I noticed that it wouldn't automatically sync my steps or calories burned to myfitnesspal. I immediately started looking around for a solution and found this feed. I saw that the last post concerning my issue was from two months ago and was wondering if the connectivity between the two apps had been restored yet. Thanks so much and have an awesome day!

Hi Lisa, send us an email at so we can fully diagnose and keep track of your issues with the app gallery. 

Is this problem still not resolved?  I am no longer linked to My Fitness Pal and I don't it listed in the app gallery anymore.

Hi Dayna, we assure you we are doing everything we can to get the app gallery back up and running as soon as possible. There is no set timeline we can provide at the moment for restored app linking capabilities. Please know that app linking capabilities are merely temporarily disabled while we finalize the server migration as part of the latest app update. Thanks for your patience!

This is very disappointing. I just got my Striiv in the mail today to replace my Fitbit. If it is unable to link with My Fitness Pal, it will not be of much use to me. How long has this feature been down and how long until it will be fixed? Like Chelsea, I am considering returning my Striiv and going back to Fitbit.

Hi Chelsea, I can assure you we are working to reestablish the app gallery function for linking Striiv data with MyFitnessPal. The latest app update has disabled this function for the time being while we work to transfer data. We appreciate your patience as we work to improve the app. 

I am looking at these comments & it seems it has been going on for a while...part of why I got the Striiv is so it would connect to myfitnesspal app...when is this error going to be fixed or I can return it & go with another activity tracker.

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Hi Lorna, the second part of a server migration is currently taking place, which has briefly disabled the link with MyFitnessPal through the app gallery. We should have this function up and running soon though! We appreciate your patience as we work to improve the app.

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