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0 steps since recent updates?

I'm on a Walgreens tracker, most recent firmware and update the iPhone app about 2 days ago.

Yesterday, I noticed that I had WAY fewer steps than usual.  I know that the recent updates were designed, in part, to lower the counts because the trackers were over-counting, apparently.

But, today -- wearing the band since I woke up, walking around the house to get ready, from my car to my office, and around my office parking lot once -  I am still measuring 0 steps.

Do I have to deliberately swing my arm, to ensure I get steps when I walk?

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We'd like you to check the following: turn on the Walgreens device and swipe to Apps>settings (gear icon)>info>find the G: T: C: screen and let us know what numbers appear after the G, T and C. This will give us an idea of how the internal components in your device are functioning. 

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