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How do I set the correct time

After the battery was exhausted and when I recharged it fully now I have the incorrect time.

Dr. Luigi Schiavo, PhD, DSc, JD, MD

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Where is the solution???????

This tends to happen when the device hasn't been synced recently. Sync your device with the app and the time issue should be resolved.

How do I sync it. The time is wrong. Where is my calendar? I can't get the weather at least temp ect.
This happened in past - had to reset but now tried and did not change time
The time changed after recharged.

Hi Luis, sounds like your device died (reached 0% charge and went into a low charge state). When this happens and you plug the device into charge, you'll notice that the time is set at around the time the device died. In order to correct the time, you'll need to reconnect the device with the app which is done by double tapping the device with the app open on your phone/tablet. If you have issues reconnecting, try force quitting and restarting the app, then double tapping the device. Hope this helps!

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