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Sleep mode

 I have two questions that I cant find answers to.  First it appears my sleep mode time is off by an hour, my regular time is correct but not my time when I look at my sleep timeline.  And then my second one is can I go on line to look at the sleep pattern more closely? and can I get different totals like total sleep time, total restless time etc?  Thank you

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Raids a I have that problem also. How do you fix the issue? My sleep mode time is off by an hour also. :-(
I only got my Striiv Fusion last night - first night tracking my sleep - and it i have the same problem - my sleep time is off by an hour.

Daylight Saving Time knocked Sleep Mode stats off by an hour, and an upcoming update should address that issue. In the meantime, your sleep data is all accurate, it’s just off by an hour.

If you want to get more information about your sleep data, you can tap the little calendar-page icon in the upper right corner of the Sleep Charts screen.

My time in my log is an hour off also. Have U figured out how to fix it!?
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