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Not tracking steps

I'm frustrated that is not counting my steps. paId my hard earned money for not to work.. I should have went with the Samsung smart watch or the fit bit watch. Thank you strive for wasting my money and time.

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The steps and distance don't correspond with my other device. I ran 4 miles today and it only recorded 2.6 miles. Any solution? I just bought the device today. 

Hi Catherine - the distance is calculated from steps x stride length, so make sure you have your stride length set correctly in user settings!

 We're always testing and improving our step counting algorithm - were we higher or lower than the other device? (and what was the other device, if you don't mind us asking?)

The Striiv is lower than my fitness pal app. I've done about 14 miles today and burned over 1300 calories but the Striiv is calculating at a little over 10 miles and less than 800 calories burnt. 

I have the opposite problem. My Touch was consistently counting steps 20-25% higher than either Omron or Fitbit Flex (which I returned). I'd moved it to my non-dominant wrist, but that didn't change anything. So this morning when I got in my car at home, I wrote down how many steps it had recorded so far; then I drove straight to work and checked the Touch before I got out of the car. I'd somehow added 384 steps during the drive. On the other hand, last night when I thought I would just check the number of steps recorded when I walked from one room to another, the total had not changed between the two rooms although I counted 25 steps. I hope there's a solution for this because otherwise I really like this Touch much more than the Flex I had.

my touch does not count steps

My Touch does not count steps

Mine does not correctly record the number of steps.  The Fitbit Flex I have counts way more steps.  I know you can adjust the stride length, but mine is at the lowest right now which is 2'0".  This is a replacement Striiv as my first one didn't work well at all and I had to sent it back to get a replacement which ended up being a refurbished unit.  Any ideas?  I did put in a height of 4' which is much shorter than I am to get a stride length of 1'8".  I guess I will see if that more accurately counts the steps I take. 

Mine will tell me that I have walked x amount of steps after sitting in my recliner watching tv...........Im strongly considering returning this item - not happy at all

You need to calibrate it.  Very easy.  The STRIIV estimates your stride based on your height, but there are variables that can affect how long your stride is.  So . . .
Verify a 1 mile distance (with GPS, odometer or  Set the stride on your STRIIV to 2.0 and walk that mile.  Check it.  (Mine said .80 so I knew that 2.0 was about 20% short.)  Based on that number, reset your stride ( I set mine to 2.4) and walk back.  That will be close, but you might want to recheck on longer distances.  A slight difference will multiply on longer walks.  I discovered after about a week that my stride was still a little short, so I adjusted again and now it is "top dead center."


Props to you Karl for working through the stride length setting so intuitively! You are absolutely right on adjusting stride length, and this can be done in both the Android and the iOS app under user settings (visible in the app menu). 

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