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items not available

Under notifications, MEETINGS won't turn on and MORE has an exclamation point that says contact customer support. Under smartwatch apps there's no WEATHER. Why aren't they available?

Don't know if it's relevant to you, but (at least for my Walgreens activity tracker) both weather and meetings are separated "Activity Tracker Apps" (under the same named menu in Android app) that must be purchased.

However, I haven't tried to buy them (yet?).

Hi there. I DID purchase the weather app on my Walgreens activity tracker. However, it isn't working. I can't locate it on my device. It will occasionally flash the forecast briefly, but its random. Maybe once every couple of days. And, it doesn't show long enough for me to even read whats showing. 

Anyone else have this issue? (Quite a waste of $7.99!)

Well, then. On some forum link I've seen that Weather app is showing weather only once a day (if I remember correctly after first 100 steps) and it's not possible to see it otherwise - so I lost all interest. 

It that's the case, I understand, I'd be pissed too. I'd create a ticket/bug report (on Striiv pages, not this forum - this one is for user-user discussions).

If you solve the issue eventually and Weather app will start working for you, drop a line here please, I'll reconsider the purchase.

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