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Striiv counting too many steos

Has anyone come up with a solution to fix when your striiv is counting too many steps??? My striiv touch band now is counting a LARGE amount of steps that I know for a fact hasn't occurred im also getting a no wifi logo looking thing (picture attached) and I know it's connected... My bands only like 2wks old probably going to be retuning it but concerned this is a habitual problem I will be switching companies. This was a gift but an inaccurate counter doesn't do many much good
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What is the version of the software and what are you using to connect it with i.e.: iPhone etc  This is not the norm for a Touch.  I have had one now for months and if anything it was low on steps.  But with the updates in code it has gotten better.

Hi - if you're seeing step overcounting, could you take the quick survey up at ? It will help a ton towards getting rid of "bonus" steps and making our tracking more accurate!

I'm currently using version 2.1.40 on my iPhone, and my steps jumped from like 4-5,000 to 10,000+ and I know it's not walking I work as a receptionist so a very stationary job
Starting on Tuesaday 2/24 my Strivv count more than doubled daily. I was able to figure out today that when I was typing it was counting steps. The other members of my family who own them noticed the same thing. This has only been an issue since I took the latest Striiv update.
Yes too many steps..Over 400 now. Walked 60
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