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How do I sync my fusion to my Web Account

Hello and Happy New Year Striiv Support Team and Forum members

Just Got my new striiv Fusion today, got it paired / connected to my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and its detected steps and alerts. Here is where I am stuck When I log into my Striiv account on the web using my computer I get the message

"You do not have any Striiv devices linked to your account. Please sync your device to link your device to this account."

My Question is how do I sync my device? I installed the striiv software on my computer but it does not recognize the device is connected and nothing changes in my computers device manager when I connect or disconnect the device from the USB Port. Not sure what to do next. 



5 people have this problem

Does anyone have a answer for this?


The fusion will not sync with the Web account. I ended up returning my fusion.
I will keep mine, whether I can get it to connect to my account or not. I only paid $54.00 for it, and it does pair to my phone.

The fusion is not supported by the dashboard according to customer care. only a few of the earlier non band models work with the dashboard online. 

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