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Temp not showing up

 I just got mine and the Temp does not show up I rrported it and still waiting for help.whats up with this unit?

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my temp only reads once a day at anytime  would like be able display temp thruout day


Just paid for the weather application but isn't showing on my band.

Never get any weather temp information.  No icon like the music they added...even keeping apple's weather and The Weather Channel open on iPhone never get any weather alerts.  

I also would like to have it be able to be shown at will and not just once a day if I lucky to see it when it does.


Hold tight on this one - it's a common request, and if I have heard correctly, this should be something that will appear in the near future. WHEN in the near future, I can't say - right now you'll see the weather after your first 100 steps of the day. 

Striiv Fusion keeps dropping the sync for alarm. Once synced within a few hours it will drop from the device (alarm icon disappears) though the app still shows it on and synced. Must turn off alarm on app and resync. Didn't happen on Striiv touch device

I just bought the weather app and it doesn´t show anywhere on the watch. How do i access it ?

Why does the weather only show once? I have never seen it in over a month. Seems a refund is required for such a ridiculous application. The stairs do not operate properly also. How do you expect to compete with #1, Fitbit, unless you do more than contemplate upgrades? I have Fitbit also and it runs circles around Striiv.

Currently weather notifications are an alert, similar to a text message, that tells you the high/low and precipitation forecast for the current day. The alert is triggered automatically in the morning, after you walk 100 steps. Note: background location services must be enabled for the Striiv app and weather notifications must be turned on in the device tile (shows picture of device) found on the app home screen. 

As Mike mentioned previously, we have plans to expanding weather notifications to be on demand. Unless you're using a Play or Smart, you won't be able to track stairs. We wanted to build stair step tracking into the Fusion and Touch, but this would have compromised the water-resistance of the device due to the component necessary to track stairs needing to be exposed to the outside air. 

it's not solved you just can't fix it!

Hi Karen, if you're continuing to have issues with weather notifications, email us at and we'll put your case in front of the engineering team if we're not able to troubleshoot through the issue. 

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