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bluetooth smart lock

would like to be able to utilize this feature on Lollipop 5 and up devices...

I upgraded my Samsung S4 to Lollipop.  I received notification from Verizon.  My Samsung Bluetooth would not recognize any devices, including the Striiv Activity Tracker and my car Bluetooth (hands free is required in Illinois).  I removed the Striiv app from my Samsung S4, with all other applications remaining the same.  My Samsung S4 with Lollipop now displays available Bluetooth devices to pair with the phone.


Let me know when you fix Striiv.  I'm willing to download and test on Samsung S4 with Lollipop.  Until then, my activity tracker has no app for my Android phone.

Hi - I'm running lollipop right now on a Nexus 6 with no connection problems at all - if you reinstall the Striiv app (without pairing any device yet) does your bluetooth still go crazy? 

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