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Striiv Touch No Longer Notifying Me?

I bought this particular watch to not only keep track of my fitness, but to also notify me about texts and whatnot so I wouldn't constantly have to check my phone. It was working fine last night, I was being notified and everything. But now this morning, I am not being notified period by my Striiv Touch. My phone has gone off with text and calls, yet my watch will not vibrate and neither will it turn on to display the notification.

I keep the app on at all times and my Striiv has been out of sleep mode for the past three hours. I have tried turning on and off sleep mode but that did not fix my notification issues. I am using an iPhone 4s. The rest of the features on the watch are working- but again, why I purchased this particular watch next to others is because it should notify me when my phone goes off. I have only had this device for three days but it was working fine up until today. It's been really convenient up until that point.

So- what can I do to attempt to bring my notifications back?

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