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Is anyone really reading these and responding to them?

I'm glad to hear the suggestion has helped improve accuracy! However, I would only recommend putting the Touch in your pocket during periods when you're looking for increased step count accuracy. We are actively working to re-engineer our algorithm to allow for increased accuracy, so please know that we are working on fixing this. 


Neil, I have put it in my pocket and it does increase my counts... that kind of defeats the idea of wearing on my wrist.

We are aware of an accuracy issue that we are currently working to fix. The Touch uses internal hardware to detect movement, and that movement is then determined to be a step (or not a step) based on a unique algorithm. Although we try very hard to make our device as accurate as possible, we realize that our algorithm doesn't always make the right call. To that end, we are continuing to work on improving our accuracy, and will be releasing software updates to our users as soon as they become available. If you are concerned that your device is not counting properly, please try wearing the Touch looped around a belt, or in your pocket during a workout/walk and see if that improves your step count. 



Ever since the last update the step count is way down then what my norm would be.


This issue refers more to the Activity Tracker app itself not recording steps at all. If you're referring to the Touch being low on step count, that relates more to our continuing development of the algorithm the Touch uses to translate movements into steps. 


But it does affect Touch users I have been a Touch user since it came out and a play user before that.  Any way I can become a beta tester for you?  By the way ios 8.1.1 is out now.


We have become aware of an issue relating to iOS 8.1/8.0.2 preventing the Activity Tracker app from counting steps while running in the background of a phone. Steps do count when the app is open and on-screen, but this will significantly affect the battery life of the phone being used. Our team is working hard to come up with a solution. This does not affect users of our Fusion, Touch, Band, or Play products. 

We are aware of the MyLand glitch and we are looking into it. 


Hi Richard, 

We are just starting to try and get a handle on the forum, so you'll start seeing these feature requests being heard. Sorry for the lack of communication through this outlet. 



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