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Ebola or Cancer Research

I like the walkathon feature of my Striiv.  It's THE reason I use Striiv over any other pedometer or fitness tracking app.  I wish the walkathon choices would have more options.  In particular I'd like to see the ability to donate to the company making Ebola medication that cured the first doctor who was flown back home to the US for treatment, or to the group that was working on making an Ebola vaccine available.  I'd also like to see the ability to donate to a reputable cancer research group.  I'm not sure where to post this to get Striiv's attention.  I thought posting on this forum might get other customers involved and help the idea to gain some traction.  Let's face it, both of these causes would greatly benefit from any additional funding that they could get!  Additionally, Striiv's involvement would be a great PR opportunity for the company.

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My apologies for the late reply to your inquiry. We are working on taking control of the forum and answering outstanding questions and concerns. Those are some great causes that we would definitely be interested in getting involved with. I will forward your suggestion to the appropriate people. Thanks for writing in and sharing your feedback! 



Striiv Customercare 

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