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Any idea if we will be able to have the weather on the touch?

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Hi Brad, 

My apologies for the late reply to your inquiry. We are working on taking control of the forum and answering outstanding questions and concerns. Weather notifications will be released very soon! It is one of the engineering team's top priorities at the moment. 



I bought the weather app but can only see it once a day. This is a waste of my money. Will it eventually be available to pull on demand?

Hi Melissa,

That is how the weather app is currently set to function, and there are currently no plans to change the functionality.

I'm quite disappointed at buying the weather app and learning it is only once per day and I cannot even control when I see it. $7.99 is a lot of money for this extremely limited "feature" -- phone apps that cost $0.99 have way more functionality. Please do make this app worth my purchase and my time. Thanks!.

The weather notification on my fusion bio comes through about 10 times in a row before finally quitting. Is this really how it is programmed to work?

Hi Christopher,

This is an issue that our engineering team is aware of and it's currently under investigation. Thanks for your patience!

Is this availible on the lite?

Hi Logan,

Weather is not available on the Lite. The only smartwatch feature is Call Alerts.



Striiv Customer Care

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