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Ability to edit my data to make it more accurate

I'm hoping (either in the App or on the website) will soon be the ability to edit my physical activity. Not to mention another vendor (FIT-something), I could edit my physical activity to better align to my workout. For example, I do a lot of stairclimbers, but since my hands are usually resting on the bars, my Striiv Touch hardly recorded in steps (I think about 25 steps on 30 minutes).

Another example would be the option to modify my sleep time............because sometimes I don't stop the sleep app on time.

Another recommendation would allow more options to improve the accuracy of the data..........allow to me put in my stride length to steps would be more accurate.

And PLEASE add sleep alarm functionality soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The packaging says we already have it (and I don't want to do the calendar work-around).

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Thanks for sharing your interest Cara! It has been noted on the feature request log. As mentioned before, data editing is a popular request and is only being strengthened by further feedback from users like yourself. Stay tuned!

I second not only the idea but the priority on this.  I sometimes have to charge my band during the day, and can't wear it when I'm walking -- so I "lose" my steps completely (unless I'm willing to sit and shake it for a long time!).


Hi Richard, no news regarding the data editing function yet. I can say that it is among the top requested features on the log. We are focused on bringing the Android app up to speed with the iOS app at the moment and will be increasing feature development soon. 

Any more on when this will be updated and a way to correct entries like sleep and steps on IOS

Hi Derek and Alan, 

My apologies for the late reply to your feature requests. We're just now trying to get on top of outstanding questions and concerns on the forum after successfully catching up on a significant backlog of support tickets. We are currently working on a way for us to be able to edit data for the user with a function for user's to be able to edit their data independently planned for the future. Step length is currently available for iOS users with this functionality coming soon for Android users. Silent alarm is going to be released very soon. We are finishing up testing as we speak. Sorry for making you wait so long. I will add you both to the tally for the user data editing capability request on our feature request log. Our engineers go over this log regularly. Thanks for voicing your interest! 



Striiv Customercare

Stride length in the Android app is essential. My GF and I were together yesterday the entire day, and I have almost exactly twice as many steps in the Android app compared to hers with the iPhone app. And since I also can't edit the results anywhere, it's messing up my calorie counts in MyFitnessPal and of course the app graph doesn't make any sense...

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