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Message Notifications

I am requesting that Striiv separate text messages from email messages. I don't mind receiving test messages; however, I am a business executive and receive @200 emails a day. I would rather not have my Striiv going off every 3 minutes.

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Agreed. I was not getting email notifications until the last update. An option to turn them off would be much appreciated. 

Not sure if this is an issue for android & Iphones. I am having this issue with an Iphone.

 Has there been an update on whether this will/can happen? I too don't like receiving email notifications. It stopped for awhile after the latest update but then started up again yesterday.

I have an android and in the Striiv application, under my device (scroll down some on the opening page), I can turn different notifications on and off.

I can turn notifications on and off as well on my iPhone, but I still continue to receive alerts even though they are turned off.

I also don't need email notice just text messages and alarms

Not getting any notifications.  I restarted several times.  I turned bluetooth off and on a few times.  I even did a factory reset and still no notifications. 

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Hi Randee, if you're using Android, go into your phone's settings>Security>Notification Access>check off the box for Striiv. If you're using iOS, go into phone settings>notifications>Phone/Messages/Calendar etc.>set "show in notification center" to at least "1 recent item." If this doesn't help, email us at 

I have an iPhone and I have the iFITNESS app I have it set so that I receive texts and call notifications however when I get a text/call all it does is pop up with a message icon and have tried clicking on it sliding over but then it won't let me is there a way that I can read the texts or who it is from?
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