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Striiv Touch Died

I had the Touch for a little over a week.  Had numerous problems using it with the Android App (Apple App seems to work well).  I have posted in several topics about the issue, lack of features that are on the package and web site, yet have never seen a response from Striiv.  Many of my fellow Touch owners have the same issues, and I don't see many responses from Striiv to them.

Charged my Touch to 100% and went to bed with sleep mode.  In the morning the Touch would not respond, just a black screen.  Put it in the charger, it wouldn't register that it was charging.  Tried the reset procedure multiple times (insert in cradle and use a paperclip to depress the reset button), but no response.  Let it charge all day and repeat reset process still nothing.

I returned it to Best Buy yesterday.  Too bad, the device is a perfect size/format, but it seems there is just no interest in the customer service department of the company.  Why do they have a community forum if there is no moderator for the forum.  Many of us seem to give great user feedback, but no one responds to it. My recommendation is email them with your issues as you may get a response.  I think Striiv uses this forum as a spot for owners to chat, but no moderator is assigned to it, very strange, I rely on Product forums to solve issues I have with technology products.  Sometimes other users help out, but there is always a company rep that monitors and chimes in.

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