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Myland timer stuck on 0:00:00 till next harvest

Rebooted iphone logged in again but still stuck on 0 but nothing to harvest
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Same here. I've been having the 0:00:00 issue since July 3rd.

I returned my band and even created a new user under a different email account.

I've tried everything!! Sent two emails with no reply.

Hopefully, we will all have an answer soon!!

Reply from cs zoom out to see coins that need harvesting. Did that but nothing to harvest and the my land tile at least on my wife's show count down then when count over it shows # coins to collect it never sits on 0:00:00
Must be a server side issue because if I log out and sign in under my wife's account the timer works but when I switch back to my login it's still stuck on 0
I am having the same issue
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